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Our mission is to add value to our customers, industry and community.

We will strive to do this in the following manner:

  • Attention to our customers: Understanding their requirements and satisfy them through a variety of products that stand out for their quality and reliability.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Processing the capability of reacting within a short time and responding immediately to sudden changes and events.
  • Determination: To have goals that are clear and doing everything to achieve them.
  • On going improvement: By using the know how of our products to achieve our goals and to pursue excellence.
  • Responsibility: Trying to achieve our goals with the priority of safe guarding our planet and respecting the ecosystem in which we operate.
About Weldcote

Worldwide IconWorldwide

Weldcote is a global wholesaler and manufacturer of welding supplies and abrasives, selling not only to welding distributors locally within the United States, but also throughout various parts of the world.

Innovation IconInnovation

Our goal at Weldcote is to provide excellent customer service, while offering high quality industry changing products that offer tremendous value to welding professionals everywhere.

Partners IconPartners

At Weldcote, our number one priority is our customers and our partners. Everything we do at Weldcote centers around providing them the best service at the best prices, day in and day out.