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Weldcote Offers High-Quality, Mild Steel Electrodes at Competitive Pricing

January 24, 2020
Weldcote Offers High-Quality, Mild Steel Electrodes at Competitive Pricing

Electrodes for mild and low alloy steel welding applications deliver premium weldability while meeting or exceeding AWS specifications.

KINGS MOUNTAIN, NORTH CAROLINA – January 2020 – Weldcote, a division of Zika Group, offers its line of mild and low alloy steel electrodes for welding applications that delivers premium weldability while meeting or exceeding AWS specifications.

The new mild steel electrodes are available in a complete range of AWS classifications to meet a variety of welding positions, from out-of-position, horizontal or flat welding. Applications include pipe welding, shipyards, water towers, storage tanks, greasy, painted or poorly cleaned base metals, automobile and truck bodies, automotive frames, metal furniture, sheet metal and field welding of bridges and structural steels.

“Working with our parent company, Zika Group, we revamped our line of mild steel electrodes to address customer feedback,” said Joe O’Mera, CEO of Weldcote. “After strenuous testing by our R & D, we are able to deliver premium quality mild steel electrodes at competitive prices.”

Weldcote’s new mild steel electrodes classifications include:

E6010, for overhead and vertical welding positions on carbon steels, a high-cellulose, coated electrode designed to achieve deep penetration into the base metal

E6011, an all-position AC/DC electrode for deep weld penetration for root passes, ideal when welding pipes and general structures

E6013, an all-position AC/DC electrode typically used for welding cleaner steel

E7014, an all-position AC/DC iron powder, rutile-type electrode designed to operate at higher speeds for single pass and multi-layer applications

E7018 and E7018AC, general purpose, iron-powder, low-hydrogen, all-position AC/DC electrodes used for welding carbon steels

Available in 3/32, 1/8 and 5/32 sizes, Weldcote’s mild steel electrodes are vacuum-packed to ensure product integrity in 5- and 10-pound tubes. The 5-pound tubes are packaged in 30-pound cartons; 10-pound tubes are packaged in 40-pound cartons.

In addition to the mild steel electrodes, Weldcote also offers patented, low manganese stick electrodes that produce up to 60 percent fewer emissions, when compared to standard electrodes.

About Weldcote

Headquartered in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, Weldcote is a manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality welding supplies distributed through welding distributors in the U.S. and various parts of the world. Weldcote’s product line consists of abrasives, a wide range of production alloys for MIG, TIG, electrodes, brazing and welding accessories, including lenses, helmets, chemical aids and gloves. Weldcote has six locations throughout the U.S.

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Photo: Weldcote Mild Steel Electrodes

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