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SUPREMEVIEW Digital Auto-Darkening Helmet


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SUPREMEVIEW Digital Auto-Darkening Helmet

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Optical Clarity Classification: 1/1/1/1. Auto Shade on: Weldcote ShadeAC TM technology, automatically matches and sets the welding shade number according to the intensity of the ARC light. Our technology effectively protects the eyes and face while providing a clearer and more accurate weld.

  • The external button on the side can be shade adjusted in increments of 0.1 per adjustment, with a range of +2.0 ~ -2.0 per shade between shade ranges 7-13.
  • Light State: Shade 3. Dark State: Shade 5-9 / 9-13 . Shade Range: Manual mode: 3/5-13, Auto Mode: 3/7<13M
  • Press and hold external grind mode button for 2 seconds to switch to shade 3 for grind mode.
  • Auto shade manual mode. Change shade adjustment by external knob in increments of 0.5 shade.
  • Minimum TIG Current: >2 amp. Black Matte Finish

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#: 1062
order Part Number Product Description View Area Weight U/M UPC Number Standard Carton SDS
order SUPREMEVIEW SUPREMEVIEW AUTO- DARKENING WELDING HELMET- DIGITAL "TRUE COLOR" 4.04" x 4.04" 16.3 sq. inches 599g EA Helmets AUTO-DARKENING HELMETS 812922017499 4 Helmets per Carton

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