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1100 Aluminum MIG Wire, TIG Rod & Brazing Alloys


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1100 Aluminum MIG Wire, TIG Rod & Brazing Alloys

  • Weldcote 1100 (commonly referred to as AL99.5) is a 99% aluminum filler metal that is available in Spools or cut lengths for MIG or TIG Welding processes.
  • 1100 aluminum filler metal is designed for applications with electrical conductivity requirements and chemical storage facilities.
  • The features and benefits consist of highest ductility/formability, highest electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance, moderate shrinkage rate, good hot cracking sensitivity, low welding smut and discoloration.
  • Applications are electrical conductors, chemical storage tanks, decorative applications (due to slight golden color after anodizing), refrigeration, food handling equipment and heat exchangers.

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#: 287 Catalog Page: 44
order Part Number Product Description Size U/M UPC Number Standard Carton SDS

1100 Aluminum 16# Spools

order 1100364X16SP 1100 3/64 x 16# SPOOL 3/64 LB Spool ALUMINUM MIG Spool 877511009286 One Spool SDS

1100 Aluminum 36" Cut Lengths 10# Boxes

order 1100116X36T 1100 1/16 x 36 x 10# BOx 1/16 LB ALUMINUM TIG ALUMINUM TIG 877511009293 4-10 lb tubes in 40 lb ctn SDS

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