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POP - Electrodes - 316L-16


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POP - Electrodes - 316L-16

  • Weldcote E316L-16 Stainless Steel electrodes produce weld deposits similar to that of 316-16, but with a maximum of 0.04% carbon. This extra low carbon content gives the weld deposit excellent resistance against intergranular corrosion caused by carbide precipitation.
  • Weldcote 316L electrodes are used for welding 18%Cr-12%Ni-2.5%Mo stainless steels where the corrosion resistance qualities of AISI 316L are required.
  • This electrode has a high deposition rate and produces a weld deposit with fine bead appearance and exceptional crack resistance.
  • 316L-16 electrodes are most commonly used in the textile, paper, cellulose and chemical equipment industries for the fabrication of 316L, 318, and 319L stainless steel products.

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#: 720 Catalog Page: 99
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316L - 16

order 316L16332E1P 316L-16 3/32x12" electrode 1 pound tube pkg 3/32 LB POINT OF PURCHASE Electrodes One Pound Electrodes 877511009330 1 lb Tube SDS Spec Cert
order 316L1618E1P 316L-16 1/8x14" electrode 1 pound tube pkg 1/8 LB POINT OF PURCHASE Electrodes One Pound Electrodes 812922010018 1 lb Tube SDS Spec Cert

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