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Both Blue, Red, Coolants are specially formulated for use on all water circulating systems.

  • Recommended for Plasma, MIG, TIG, resistance welding and general industrial applications.
  • Blue coolant 19 degreeF/-7degreeC
  • Red coolant 6 degreeF/-14degreeC
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#: 1111
order Part Number Product Description Size U/M UPC Number Standard Carton SDS
order BLUECOOLANT Blue Coolant 1 Gallon 19F/ -7C 1 Gallon 19 EA CHEMICAL AIDS Coolant 812922014443 4 per case SDS
order REDCOOLANT Red Coolant 1 Gallon 6F/ -14C 1 Gallon 6 EA CHEMICAL AIDS Coolant 812922014450 4 per case SDS

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