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Weldcote Introduces Multi-Purpose MIG 200 Striker Welding Machine

September 19, 2020

KINGS MOUNTAIN, NORTH CAROLINA – September 2020 – Weldcote, a division of Zika Group, introduces its MIG 200 Striker multi-purpose welding machine for steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The MIG 200 Striker is the first of a full line of welding machines that is being introduced by the company.

Designed for MIG, TIG and stick welding, the MIG 200 Striker machine is a small, compact, dual voltage (115 volt or 230 volt) unit with digital readouts that automatically identifies the power grid voltage and operates accordingly.

“Adding welding machines, starting with the high-quality, versatile MIG 200 Striker machine, was the next logical addition as we continue to extend our line of welding products,” said Joe O’Mera, CEO of Weldcote. “As more and more welding professionals have been using Weldcote consumables to conduct their jobs, we are happy to now offer options for high quality equipment, as we establish Weldcote as a one-stop solution that helps welders do their jobs safer, easier and faster.”

The new welding machine features power factor corrector (PFC), which increases power efficiency, reduces input power requirements, and stabilizes the welding current, maximizing efficiency on extension cords and generators. As a safety precaution it has a voltage reduction device (VDR) that reduces the voltage across the outputs when idling.

The MIG 200 Striker is a single-phase inverter for synergic operation with MIG, lift TIG and stick welding. A hot start function provides easy ignition of the weld arc, while arc force prevents the electrode from sticking to the workpiece. A power-saving smart fan feature reduces dust and improves the life of the fan.

An optional spool gun, 15′ MIG gun and 12′ TIG torch can be purchased separately. A flow gauge regulator comes standard.

Weldcote offers a three-year warranty on its MIG 200 Striker welding machine.

For more information on Weldcote’s MIG 200 Striker welding machine, visit, contact or 704.739.4115.

About Weldcote

Headquartered in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, Weldcote is a manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality welding supplies distributed through welding distributors in the U.S. and various parts of the world. Weldcote’s product line consists of abrasives, a wide range of production alloys for MIG, TIG, electrodes, brazing and welding accessories, including lenses, helmets, chemical aids and gloves. Weldcote has six locations throughout the U.S.

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Photo Caption: Weldcote introduces MIG 200 Striker multi-purpose welding machine for steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

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